About Me

Disclaimer: I’m not the only Julia Wohlers in the world – a German marine biologist
has me beat in Google entries. Please note therefore that your queries regarding
phytoplankton reproduction will not be answered here. Thank you.

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About Me

I’m a creative currently living in Milan. Originally from Washington, D.C., I grew up in Russia, Cyprus and Macedonia and made a lot of interesting pit stops along the way. (Some favorites: Petra, Marrakech, Ohrid, Brač Island, Kyrenia, Pamplona, Afitos, Porto.)

In 2010 I completed a double major bachelor’s degree in English and French, and then I moved to Italy, where I obtained a master’s degree in Visual Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design. Since then, I’ve been working in Milan as a designer and copywriter with clients from all around the world.

I’m fascinated by the way people communicate – the verbal and the visual, so a vocation that combines the two was a natural choice. Aside from creating copy for clients, I write whenever possible. My writing has been featured in Sweet 16 Magazine, the Foreign Service Journal, Human Parts Magazine, Berlin Art Parasites, Entropy Magazine and the Kindland’s Voices.

Whatever creative service you’re looking for, I’d love to chat about it to see if we might be a good fit. Thanks for stopping by!