Milan: For the Traveler Who Feels

This Milan travel guide was designed as a prototype for Touring Club Italiano’s new city guide series. We began from the conviction that travel is a deeply personal experience; the sites that interest us, the food we crave, the places we go to dance are all rooted in individual preferences that may change from one day to the next. To accommodate this approach to exploration, we designed a series of itineraries based on the user’s feelings. For example, if a traveler is feeling artsy today and wants to explore the city center, she can flip to the appropriate map, check out the “Artistic” itinerary, and follow the recommendations to experience Milan just like Bruno Munari would have.

Our design choices reflect the emotional nature of the book. The script that mimics real handwriting suggests a personal touch, while the loose editorial grid allows space for the traveler to scribble notes next to each site entry. Even the photography is selected from a travel diary perspective – real people visiting real places. “The poetry of the modern traveler’s conscious,” as I described it when presenting the concept to Touring Club Italiano. Emo, right?

Collaboration with Maria Kyprianou

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